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From Abu Dhabi to the Virtual World


Welcome to vETD, your passport to the virtual skies! As an avid enthusiast of aviation and inspired by the legacy of Etihad Airways, we are thrilled to present vETD – a virtual airline that encapsulates the spirit, service, and sophistication of its real-world counterpart. Whether you're a seasoned virtual pilot seeking thrilling adventures or a beginner eager to explore the world from the comfort of your screen, vETD promises an immersive experience that mirrors the excellence and innovation of Etihad Airways.

Join us as we embark on unforgettable journeys, soaring through the virtual skies with unparalleled grace and style.

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Dispatched Flights

Pilot Flight No. Type Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
There are no active bookings.

Latest 10 Flights

Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Pilot Aircraft ACARS Landing Rate
VA Flight VA678 YPPH YMML   ETD001 PMDG 737-800 Virgin Austr... -192fpm
VA Flight VA717 YPAD YPPH   ETD001 PMDG 737-800 Virgin Austr... -207fpm
VA Flight VA217 YMML YPAD   ETD001 PMDG 737-800 Virgin Austr... -83fpm
VA Flight VA806 YSSY YMML   ETD001 PMDG 737-800 Virgin Austr... -33fpm

Top 5 Landings This Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Ajit VA Flight VA678 YMML 2024-05-25 -192fpm 80%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Yannick U.S.A U.S.A Abu Dhabi 2024-05-20
  Ajit Australia Australia Abu Dhabi 2024-05-15

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